Oxford Festival Fringe Preview Comedy festival

The UK’s most awkwardly named comedy festival, since 2018. 

The Oxford Festival Fringe Preview Comedy Festival (Oxford Comedy Festival for short) is a month-long comedy festival happening throughout July. We bring the best comedians headed to Edinburgh and other large festivals to the Oxford community. We have a particular interest in amplifying traditionally underrepresented voices, such as women, people of color and LGBT+, as well as giving a stage to more experimental shows. Our ultimate goal is to bring the talent we love to our home town to share with as many people as possible - and this year we have over 50 amazing shows planned at six different venues around town. We hope that you will join us!


“The Oxford Comedy Festival, now in its second year, is a rare chance to see Edinburgh Fringe performances before they reach Scotland.…Comprising over 50 shows across six venues, the festival is an organisational feat, and a real credit to its organisers, the QED Comedy Lab.“ The Morning Star, 9 August 2019

“QED Comedy must also be applauded for putting together a wonderfully diverse line-up, something that other providers of comedy are often unable to do. The comedy I saw was simply better because it elevated voices that in the past have not received such a platform. Oxford Comedy Festival is a bonkers undertaking but one enhanced by an ability to be one of the most modern, exciting arts festivals on the Oxford scene.“ Daily Info Oxford, 30 July 2019

“Swooping in to rescue all Oxford-based stand-up fans from Edinburgh Fringe-induced FOMO blues” Daily Info Oxford, 2 July 2019