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Daphna Baram

Saturday 6 July @ 9:00, Trinity College Beer Cellar

Daphna Baram, AKA MissD, started performing as a comedian in 2009 following a frightening turn of events which involved two weddings, one heart attack and Chris Morris. She's been at it ever since. The Israel-born human rights lawyer gone journalist has been gigging relentlessly in the UK, Ireland and Scotland and has taken shows to Brighton, Edinburgh and Leicester Fringe festivals. She supported Ava Vidal in her 2012 tour, and ran MissD's Silver Hammer comedy club in Hammersmith.

* * * "illuminating and poignant take on tough subjects...fresh and enlightening, her warmth elevating the gentle, conversational nature of her delivery." The List

"Savvy, ballsy, wonderfully witty..... Staggering, heart rending and blackly comic", The Girl With The Edinburgh Tattoo (Sonia Nemec's review blog).

"one of the most extraordinary true stories of this year's Fringe", Si Hawkins, British Comedy Guide.

"loud and vivacious", 3 Weeks

"MissD's a vibrant on-stage raconteur full of energy and arch knowingness that you'll remember", Huffington Post

“Awesome... a dynamic comedian who can hold the attention of a room with her wit and charm”, Amanda Whitehead, Krank.ie